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Do Bike Lanes Make Cyclists Less Safe? No, They Don’t.

sharrow!Bike lanes continue to be a divisive topic in Edmonton. Both sides are dug in, with some people thinking they’re great and others thinking they’re terrible. There might still be a couple of people on the fence but they are few and far between at this point. It’s essentially become the city planning equivalent of the fighting in hockey debate. Everyone has picked a side and nobody is moving an inch.

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If I Could Put One Road In Edmonton On A Diet

Edgewater Dr in Orlando, FL - AfterFor me, the best part of walking to work every day is that it gives me time to myself to just think. I use the time to listen to some music – this morning I went with a fantastic Grateful Dead show from October 1976 – and for twenty minutes I’m in my own world. Sometimes I think about work. Far too often I think about the Oilers. Sometimes I think about the drivers in this city and I wonder why they all seem to be so terrible. And other times I think about the street I’m walking beside and how I might improve it.

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The Speed Limit on Whitemud Drive, It’s Not As Easy As Just Changing The Signs

The topic of changing the speed limit on Whitemud Drive from the currently posted limit of 80km/hr to 90 or even 100km/hr was something that first came to my attention on Saturday. My reaction, via Twitter, was fairly blunt:

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