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A Reduced Residential Speed Limit Is A Good Idea, And It’s Not About Us Versus Them

With the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues proposing to reduce the speed limit on residential roads from the current 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr, speed limits are, not surprisingly, back in the news in this city. In the last couple of days David Staples has written about the proposed change and the Edmonton Journal has published an editorial on the subject as well. This comes on the heels of a local doctor bringing the issue to residents’ attention by saying that the city is not taking pedestrian safety seriously. Me being me, and loving Twitter more than is probably healthy, I’ve waded into the discussion on that platform on two occasions (you can find Storify records of my thoughts here and here), but it being a complex subject I thought that discussing the subject in more than 140 characters might not be a bad idea.

I’ve written about lower speed limits and the effect that can have on pedestrian safety before, so it’s not surprising that I support the idea of reducing speed limits on residential roads in Edmonton, and throughout Alberta and Canada for that matter. There are roadways where higher speed limits are appropriate but when people and cars start to mix it’s worth considering a change because at 50 km/hr people and cars are a deadly combination. Why then do we have speed limits on our local roads that are so dangerous for everyone but those that are in cars? That’s a good question.

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Talking About Photo Radar

For the last few months photo radar has been a recurring topic in Edmonton. This is something I haven’t touched on here, not because I don’t have an opinion, I most certainly do, but because every time I’ve sat down and tried to write something about it I’ve become frustrated by the sheer volume of misinformation that exists on the subject. That frustration translates into a final product that I’m not happy about, and so I don’t end up posting anything. Continue reading

Become A Late Merger, It’ll Change Your Life

bellamy hill mergeAs I started my walk out of the River Valley to work this morning I was greeted by this sight on Bellamy Hill. As always happens when there is a lane closure here, there is a long line of cars in the left lane and no cars from the end of the queue to the lane closure in the right lane. In this case the queue is about 230m long and extends well past the intersection with 99 Avenue causing delays on that road as well. It’s horribly inefficient to have a lane sitting empty like that, and that’s why I (if I was driving and not walking) would drive right past the line of cars and merge at the end. That’s right, I’m a late merger. And you should be too.

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