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Making Construction Just A Little Easier To Handle

road construction signWhen Edmonton’s “City of Champions” signs were vandalized a couple of weeks ago I, like many Edmontonians, chuckled a little bit. Of course vandalism is stupid, and in this case it ended up costing the city a few dollars, but the alternative slogans were all fairly clever, and the craftsmanship looked quite good. I can appreciate the kind of dedication need to follow through on a joke like this.

There was one slogan though that irked me just a little though. You can probably guess which one too, the “Road Construction City” one. Yes there is a lot of construction in Edmonton, I’m not going to deny that. But for too long roads around the city have been neglected when it comes to maintenance and that’s catching up to us now. Add in growth pressures from suburban developments and the situation gets ugly in a hurry. The roads need to be repaired and/or upgraded and the construction season is short here, so I don’t really see an alternative to a lot of construction during the few months that it’s possible to build roads. As far as I’m concerned, you can complain about the construction or you can complain about the condition, but you can’t complain about both.

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If I Could Put One Road In Edmonton On A Diet

Edgewater Dr in Orlando, FL - AfterFor me, the best part of walking to work every day is that it gives me time to myself to just think. I use the time to listen to some music – this morning I went with a fantastic Grateful Dead show from October 1976 – and for twenty minutes I’m in my own world. Sometimes I think about work. Far too often I think about the Oilers. Sometimes I think about the drivers in this city and I wonder why they all seem to be so terrible. And other times I think about the street I’m walking beside and how I might improve it.

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Become A Late Merger, It’ll Change Your Life

bellamy hill mergeAs I started my walk out of the River Valley to work this morning I was greeted by this sight on Bellamy Hill. As always happens when there is a lane closure here, there is a long line of cars in the left lane and no cars from the end of the queue to the lane closure in the right lane. In this case the queue is about 230m long and extends well past the intersection with 99 Avenue causing delays on that road as well. It’s horribly inefficient to have a lane sitting empty like that, and that’s why I (if I was driving and not walking) would drive right past the line of cars and merge at the end. That’s right, I’m a late merger. And you should be too.

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The Speed Limit on Whitemud Drive, It’s Not As Easy As Just Changing The Signs

The topic of changing the speed limit on Whitemud Drive from the currently posted limit of 80km/hr to 90 or even 100km/hr was something that first came to my attention on Saturday. My reaction, via Twitter, was fairly blunt:

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Bikes Are Getting More Popular In Edmonton, And That’s A Great Thing

First off, I’m not a cyclist. Not that I wouldn’t want to ride a bike from time to time, but living in Rossdale there is really no way for me to get anywhere without biking up a rather large hill, and that’s not something that appeals to me. But there are a lot of Edmontonians who do bike, and based on what I’ve been seeing around downtown, I think the number of cyclists on our streets is growing.

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