Welcome to All Roads Lead To Ryan

Welcome to All Roads Lead To Ryan, I’m your host Ryan Batty.

So what is this all about? In a word: Roads. Roads are a part of our daily lives. If you left your house today you almost certainly used a road at some point. The same goes for tomorrow. And the day after that. Even people who don’t drive use roads. I’m lucky enough to live close enough to my work that I can walk most days (when it’s -25° outside I hop on a bus because I’m not crazy), but that walk still involves roads and interacting with other road users. Unless you’re a living a very isolated existence in a cabin, deep in the woods hunting for food with your bare hands you can’t avoid roads. They’re a huge part of our lives, and that makes them – at least in my mind – interesting and worth talking about.

After making a statement like that it might be worthwhile to point out that I’m a Transportation Engineer, meaning I really do think roads are interesting. It probably also means that you and I would see the same road, sidewalk, parking meter, or even paint line in a two completely different ways. Neither way is wrong, just different. And it’s that difference that has led me to this point. Normally I just point out transportation related things that I find interesting to my wife, and she’s great about pretending to listen/care. But more and more I wanted a different outlet, something beyond a very understanding redhead. This is that something, and I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. Maybe the time was finally right, or maybe the reasons to do it finally outweighed my laziness factor. Either way, here we are.

I make no promises about posting frequency or anything like that. When I see things that interest me I will write about about them. It’s as simple as that. If you’ve got a comment or a question feel free to tweet me, or you can always email me at rwbatty@gmail.com.